28 April 2019 – 16:00 – 17:00

Project Ranstad 1969 –  “Civico zero” Association

Randstad1969 is a project by Civico Zero, a nomadic cultural association that travels with a camper born from the idea of ​​two friends with the desire to create excitement around photography world. The intent is to organize photographic courses and workshops with “mobility” as the strength. Of course we do not stop here and we are open to any proposal or collaboration as with the fantastic team of the Cultural Center Aldo Moro of San Salvo that has fully captured the philosophy of Civico Zero making it a traveling library if necessary.

Everything began from rediscovered films and from little girls

One of the first photos found in our films was the symbol of the project, the three little girls on a bike.

Most of the films contain a moment of the everyday life of these girls sometimes in the company of a woman who we can suppose to be their mother.

The guys from Civico Zero and the project will tell us their story and their travels, with their characteristic campers that characterize their experiences.

We will have the opportunity to visit the campers of the authors and relive some experience lived by them