14 April 2018 – 10:00

Street photography

48 hours, 6 photographers, 1 mission: “oktoberfesta”.

In fall 2016 six street photographers took the opportunity to document the full frenzy of the biggest funfair in the world – Oktoberfest. The German-Italian collaboration in cooperation with Goethe-Institut Rom has been realized during the so-called “Italian weekend”. Among the participating photographers were Matteo Sigolo (Venice), Davide Albani (Milan), Lorenzo Lessi (Cecina), Giacomo Vesprini (Porto San Giorgio), Riccardo Cattaneo (Milan) and German curator Fabian Schreyer (Augsburg).

More than 6 million yearly visitors make Oktoberfest a global attraction. With Italy being among the countries with the highest number of foreign guests, especially during the central festival weekend thousands of Italians pass the “Brenner”, to head to the huge fairground in Munich’s city centre and the surrounding camping grounds. Oktoberfest is a polarizing, multifaceted mega-event: a family event celebrating Bavarian traditions and sociability, but also a highly commercialized, cosmopolitan hot spot for international party tourism and binge drinking. While some people take days off to attend the festival, others do so to escape it. Under the influence of the thousands of hectoliters of beer, every day at the Oktoberfest accumulates countless little episodes about beginning and ending relationships, rivalry and fraternization, despair, joy or aggression. “oktoberfesta” is a document of 48 hours of “Wiesn”-madness. 


Curatore/PR: Fabian Schreyer,

Goethe-Institut Rom: Christina Hasenau,