Stefano Listawas born in 1974 and I studied Economics. At the age of 36 I decided to quit my job and fully devote myself to photography. I began to study photography, starting from its history, its language and its greatest authors. Today I am a documentary photographer and a teacher.I am particularly interested in two themes:
1) humanistic photography that captures people when they lower their guard and let go, with or without awareness, of the image of themselves that they would like others to see;
2) the investigation about the concept of physical and spiritual “reclusion” to which the man is subjected or undergoes by choice.

My photographs have been exhibited in Tokyo, Bruxelles, San Francisco, Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Hamburg, Trieste. Together with my wife Adele we lead Meshroom, one of the largest photography schools in central Italy. Some of my work is distributed for editorial purposes by Parallelozero Photo Agency