Reuven Halevi is a photographer who divides his time between Italy and his homeplace Norway. He arrived at photography after a decades-long search for the most uncompromising medium of self-expression. Past experiences that influence him the most are classical ballet and stage directing. Reuven has an MFA degree in theatre directing from the Accademia Nazionale d’Arte Drammatica “Silvio d’Amico” in Rome. Through candid street photography it is more important to him to capture elusive discharges of poetry than it is to tell a story, and the metaphysical and the innate nonverbal aspect of the medium are what attract him the most.

Winner EyeEm Street Photographer 2016

Recently published in David Gibson’s “100 Great Street Photographs” and exhibited in Miami, Brussels, Berlin, San Francisco and Zürich.

Member of InQuadra Collective