Pau Buscató is a photographer from Barcelona, based in Norway since 2009 (Bergen first, Oslo now). After studying and working in the architecture field for many years, he finally quit in 2014 to focus exclusively on his street photography. He is a member of the Burn My Eye international collective since 2017.After a slow start in 2012, Pau embarked full-time into Street Photography in 2014 (when he began working in colour) and has since then roamed the streets of Barcelona, Oslo, London or NYC among others, looking for those fleeting events that —for a split second— turn an ordinary scene into something special and unique. Humour, a playful imagination, and witty visual paradoxes are often present in Pau’s work. Wrapped with a clean sense of visual aesthetics, his photographs usually blend real situations with imagined narratives that transform the nature of the actual scene. He intentionally looks for this friction between photographs and truth that allows him to “tell little photographic lies” or made-up stories, infusing his body of work with a touch of absurd realism.

Pau has been awarded at reputed international Street Photography festivals, and his photos have been exhibited around the world and widely published in online and print media. This is his fourth individual exhibition, after having had one in Nizhny Tagil (fall 2017), Barcelona (summer 2018) and Oslo (fall 2018), with another one currently in preparation in Bordeaux (summer 2019). Pau has also taken part in the jurying of various international Street Photography festivals (London 2017 and Miami 2018) and combines his photography making with the teaching of intensive workshops in Barcelona.