Jonathan Higbee is an American photographer known for his street and urban imagery. Several iconic organizations recently recognized Higbee as one of the “Top of 2018,” including Leica, Colossal, It’s Nice That and more. In 2018, he was named a Hasselblad Masters finalist, which followed awards from the LensCulture Street Competition in 2016, and the grand prize of the World Street Photography Awards in 2015. Two years later, the WSP Awards invited him to judge several street photography contests that amassed thousands of submissions. Higbee’s work is exhibited around the world in shows from New York to Paris to the Museum of Fine Arts in Central Russia. His photography can be found in print and online publications such as Reader’s Digest, Vice, the Daily Mail, GUP and DIY Photography magazine. Higbee lives in New York with his husband, baby daughter, and dog, Pax.